Rick’s Steaks Losing Lease; Amish Fighting Back

Now, we haven’t posted in a while.  And when you are the CheesesteakGuru, that’s just unacceptable.  But this story we’ve been following for a while now, but we haven’t posted.  And that’s just a shame.

 The Reading Terminal Market has not renewed Rick’s Steaks lease.  Rick’s has been in the market for over 25 years.  Rick Oliveri is the grandson of Pat Oliveri, the man who along with his brother Harry invented the Cheesesteak. 

And guess who is on Rick’s side?  The Amish!  As an avid customer of the Dutch Counter, I’m a big fan of the Amish!

No Habla Englais? No Steak For You… NEXT!!!

Traditionally, visitors to the mecca of cheesesteaks at 9th and Passyunk have been treated to let’s just say not the friendliest customer service.  You have to understand, Pat’s Steaks and Geno’s Steaks sell thousands of steaks a day.  On a Saturday night, after a Phillies-Red Sox game, a big concert or two, with some nice weather, thousands of patrons will head on down to the Cheesesteak Warzone.  So you the speed in which you order becomes paramount.  Ordering is fairly simple.  But you have to get it down.  Cheese first, then tell whether you want onions or not.  You want a Cheeseteak with Provolone and Onions?  “It’s Provolone Wit”  Or simply “Provy Wit”.  Simplicity is key. 

So it comes as NO surprise that those who do not speak the language, could shake some chains, so to speak.  But for one of the owners of the cheesesteak places, Joe Vento of Geno’s Steaks, he’s decided to stand at the forefront of the nation’s immigration battle and the ONE language for all cause, in the oddest of places.  In South Philly.  America’s Birthplace’s favorite food, is the main battleground for Immigration!  Who would have thunk it!  New Mexico? Texas?  California?  No the real battles are fought for a someslabs of meat and cheese on a roll, that may or may not contain onions.  Again, that is up to you.  As long as you speak the language.

Last year Geno’s Steaks got in the middle of the hoopla by putting up a sign that says: “This is America.  Speak English When Ordering.”  That sign is still there.  And Vento has no problem with in.  In fact, he says there are some customers who are supporting his views.

We here at CheesesteakGuru have enjoyed Geno’s steaks.  Although, I have not purchased one from Geno’s since a New Years Eve a few years ago.  The fact that I vomited outside the Wyndham Franklin Plaza later that night, not withstanding.  I also had a wonderful Geno’s steak a couple years ago when Citizens Bank Park first opened.  It really was very good.  But you may or may not see a review of Geno’s for a while.  Not while that sign is up. 

 We have so many problems in the world.  And someone speaking Spanish is NOT one of them.  Be part of the solution, not the problem. 

Flash Mob at Geno’s

So the flap won’t die down at Geno’s, where owner Joe Vento still shows a sign indicating he won’t serve you unless you order in English.  Well, young college kids with absolutely nothing to do on a Saturday came up with a great idea this passed Saturday.  What if we got a bunch of people together to order Cheesesteaks in a bunch of different languages?

Well, watch the video and read what happened! Why call the cops?  Was it harassment?  I don’t know… Were they trespassing?  Maybe?? Still all and all very funny.

Cheesesteak pioneer dies

When a legend dies, we all weep.  I know it seems weird to call a man who invented the cheesesteak a legend, but he is.  I don’t know if Harry Olivieri is more responsible than Pat (who is the namesake of the famous Philadelphia Landmark Pat’s Steaks.)  I suppose that’s for historians to decide.  Okay, I guess, I can decide.  It was Harry who was responsible for the meal that keeps my stomach looking like I’m nearing my second tri-mester.

It’s 3:40am, I’m starving… and I know that Pat’s Steaks (from now I’m I will call Harry’s) is the one thing that will halt my hunger.  But I made a rule with myself, to only get 1 cheesesteak per month.  So, I will have to wait, the month is almost over, so I plan on getting a steak soon.  I just have to wait for the right moment.  But celebrating the life of Harry Olivieri is probably the best way, I suppose?

 American ‘Wit. 

A Blog on Cheesesteaks???

So it has come to this.  Cheesesteaks have been hitting the news lately.  And we have been sitting on this domain name for a while.  The plan?  We decided to use this site to give our reviews of steak places we come across.  Share interesting stories from the world of the Cheesesteak.  Give you an idea of the cheesesteak lifestyle.   And perhaps be a guide to some of the richer experiences of being a Philadelphia.  So sometimes HammRadio.com is not the place for such discussions.  I guess, really?  Who knows you know? 

Okay, really it’s all an excuse to explain where I get the name Cheesesteak Guru.  As if I need another nickname.  And believe me I don’t!

Well, the following web-site BestCheeseSteaks.com maintained by John Russ, is where I was “dubbed” Cheesesteak Guru.  (Actually, it notes cheesteak guru.  But we won’t quibble with the spelling will we?)  And at least I didn’t give myself the nickname, like so many times I have tried.  My latest attempt, “Call me Silky.”  That didn’t go over well.  I still like the name though.  I had sent a top ten list of Cheesesteak places that were personal favorites of mine and I guess I went over and beyond the call of duty.  So, therein lies the name.  So in honor of John Russ and Philadelphians everywhere.  Welcome to CheesesteakGuru.com